Layla Sarquis

Layla Sarquis is a Personal Development missionary and the Executive Officer of Multicultural Solutions LLC. Her mastery in the field of Psychology of over 15 years, has granted her the opportunity to understand and effectively work in multicultural settings. Her unique and creative teaching style has helped equipp others with the skills and knowledge to lead a healthier lifestyle where well-being is created daily.  Originally from Costa Rica, she successfully held her private practice in Psychology while also working as a consultant for diverse companies and organizations in dual languages; her passion for speaking life unto others also extends to the U.S. college classrooms and organizations where she teaches diverse subjects in the area of Psychology / International Psychology and diligently conveys the message that we are created to thrive as a unity!

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Multicultural Solutions LLC

At Multicultural Solutions LLC we bring comfort, knowledge, and empowerment to our clientele from diverse cultural backgrounds. We enhance the quality of life of individuals by providing them with resources, tools and strategies through: Workshops, Webinars, and Individual Personal Development Plans. Our goal is to spread the word that our life can be better! We all have the power to change the world by changing our own inner world first.

Our workshops, webinars, coaching and training are tailored to our client’s needs.

Our creative process is continuous! We take pride in working alongside our clients during the process to make sure we are fulfilling their needs. Our creativity is unlimited!

Our service line includes:

  • Webinar/ Workshop Packages
  • Individual Development Plan Packages
  • Speaking Engagements.

Our packages include topics like:

Dynamic steps to fall in love with yourself again. Loving yourself at all times: A deeper understanding of challenging times in the era of social isolation.

Discovering our inner warrior: A recovery program for women.

The boundary equation: Guardrails for a more liberating life.

Breaking Unhealthy Family Patterns, among many others!